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Some of the best services that we provide here are custom software development, IT Consulting, web design and development, mobile design and development and digital marketing.

In lucid innovative software we provide custom software’s according to the need of our clients and companies as well as we provide one of the best IT consulting and digital marketing which helps our clients and companies to grow their business online and become a major player in their respective business fields.

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Lucid innovative software is a professional software company that can quickly produce original software solutions for you. As the name suggests, here at Luinsoft we create innovative software solutions for you. Our mission is to deliver market-defining high-quality software solutions that builds value and a dependable competitive advantage for our clients not just in the US and Nepal but worldwide. We want to provide you, our clients with best IT solutions with quality services and reasonable prices, to help you grow your business online because Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Our vision is to be the leading software company in the IT sector and to become a market leader in producing high quality web and software solutions as well as guide our clients to success and we have the ability to do this because of our highly talented and professional team members who possess outstanding talents and experience in their respected fields. Lucid innovative software has a passion for success as well as the skill to help our clients and accelerate the growth of our company.

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Tech that we work with

Laravel with lucid innovative software


Swift js with lucid innovative software

Swift (ios)

React with lucid innovative software

React Js

Coding with lucid innovative software

Vue Js

Photoshop with lucid innovative software